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Founded in 1992 the Language Exchange is a community of open-minded people interested in traveling, understanding cultures, and one word at a time establishing lifelong relationships with speakers of other languages. Based in Portland, Maine, The Language Exchange provides a broad range of language-related services to individuals and businesses statewide and nationally.

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 Covid-19 Update (11/27/2023)
To our Community of Language Learners and Friends:

Happy almost-end-of-the-fall everyone!

As explained in a previous update, the decision to attend classes online or in-person is, among our student body, no longer linked to concerns related to Covid.

But factors such as time management, driving and parking, access to recordings of missed classes, access to class notes, etc., are contributing to create a divided community with strong feelings towards either in-person or online classes.

We are doing our best to navigate your preferences and offer you an experience you will want to have but realize that our decisions will be less than perfect.

Starting in the summer of 2023, we began to offer both in-person and online classes and are continuing to do so. We kindly ask that you read individual class descriptions carefully to know where your class will be held, but also, we encourage you to contact us when a program we offer is not offered in a format convenient to you.

Stay well and as always, thank you for entrusting your learning of foreign languages to our many talented instructors!

Happy learning!

Valérie Guillet

The winter 2024 Schedule of Classes and Workshops will be available by December 15th 2023 and registrations will open at the same time. The winter 2024 session will start in late January (22nd) or early February depending on the class. We will send announcements to our mailing list and post messages on our Facebook page for special announcements throughout the session. If you are not on the mailing list, please do consider signing up on our Contact page.

Early Registration Discount for the winter 2024 Session: The early registration discount is available until midnight on Monday January 15th (MLK Day).

Connect With Us: To receive important announcements — when to sign up, social events, weather cancellations, new classes, etc. — by email, sign up for our mailing list or become a friend of our Facebook Page or both.

Upcoming Classes, Workshops & Events


Winter Open House – A Social Affair – Come and Say Hello! 

Read the details.


Spanish – Aprender Leyendo Cuentos

You love to read? This conversation class is based on weekly readings of contemporary short stories. Check it out!


Petit Déjeuner  – Hiver et Printemps 2024

No time for class? Come and speak French in a casual setting, once a week!
See details below.


Learn Portuguese and Communicate with Fellow Portlanders

Many members of our community, newly arrived in Portland, speak Portuguese. Perhaps you would like to better communicate with them? Try a FREE class.



Featured Classes


“I love the French theatre class. There is no other way to put it. Andy, the professor, has created a dynamique course using theatre as its foundation. This class has reignited my passion for the language by using a creative and fun approach to learning. “La notation phonétique”, provided as a helpful tool, has boosted my confidence in pronunciation. Kudos to Andy. He’s the best!!”

Jean Rioux Neale