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Whether you want to meet with an instructor on a weekly basis or have more sporadic lessons to accommodate your schedule and work on specific learning goals not met in a group class, we will arrange your private lessons with one of our instructors based on your schedule, and your particular needs. Lessons will take place at the school unless a mutually more convenient location can be found. Location cannot always be adapted to your requirements but will whenever possible.

If none of our group classes fit your schedule or if we do not have enough students to hold a specific group class but one other person is interested in joining you to learn a language, we will work with you to organize semi-private tutoring lessons for you and this other person, friend, significant other, or total stranger we think would be a good study partner.

To schedule an hour, a few hours or a 10-hour series of lessons with one of our instructors, please email us at and we will contact you to discuss your specific requirements.

Prices: Please note that tuition for private and semi-private instruction will go up on October 1, 2018.

Private lessons
$60/hour (one student/one instructor)
$550/10 hours (one student/one instructor)

Semi-private lessons:
$40/hour/student (semi-private instruction with 2 students and 1 instructor)
$350/10 hours/student (semi-private instruction with 2 students and 1 instructor)

Please note that any appointment not canceled with at least 24-hour notice will count as a lesson and be charged.




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