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10 Mondays, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. 

Book: Fala Brasil: Portugues Para Estrangeiros by Pierre Coudry and Elizabeth Fontão ISBN: 9878571130821.
Please note that the book will be used in subsequent levels.
Location: Taught online via Zoom. An invitation and explanations on how to join the meeting will be sent to registered students.
InstructorAndre Lucas Slavick Hiltner
Price: $243 (early registration) $270 (after 1/17)
Dates: 02/01 – 04/05

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This class is for you if you have never studied Portuguese. Embark on a new adventure; one that will be rewarding and fun while at the same time challenge you!

By the end of the class, students will be able to recognize familiar words and basic phrases concerning themselves, their family, and immediate surroundings when people speak slowly and clearly. They will understand and be able to pronounce familiar written names, words, and very simple sentences. They will be able to interact in a simple way provided their interlocutor is prepared to repeat or rephrase words or communications at a slower rate of speech. They will be able to ask and answer simple questions in areas of immediate need or on very familiar topics. They will be able to use basic phrases and sentences to describe who they are, where they live, and people they know.

In the event that most students are planning a trip, the instructor will be able to integrate stories, resources, and cultural tips to assist you in preparing for these up-coming travels and afford you the best possible experience. Social protocols are often misunderstood by tourists and get in the way of that perfect overseas experience. Learning ways to address people while respecting cultural etiquette and elicit the best possible response (greetings, interjections, etc.) is your ticket to a lovely vacation!

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