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7 Thursdays, 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Special Note: This class is taught in person. If you are not signing up because of it, please let us know so we may try to accommodate your request for an online class or know of your preferences for future classes. Thank you.

Book: varied materials available through the instructor or online
Location: This class will be taught in-person at the school, 75 Market Street in Portland.
Instructor: Ángela Gozálvez
Price: $145 (early registration) $160 (after 04/15)
Dates: 05/09 – 06/20
Need more information or want an opportunity to practice? Please sign up to attend our Tertulia on Friday evening April 5th or get in touch by email.

You have covered a lot of grammar over the years, recently or a long time ago, perhaps you’ve reached the infamous “Intermediate plateau” and you feel stuck? This class might be for you.

In this level, you are able to understand the main ideas of a text, a podcast or a video clip, to interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers possible without strain for either party, and to explain a viewpoint. You are conversational but always welcome guidance to brush up and better your knowledge of grammar and continue to increase your vocabulary.

We will use different mediums to engage everyone’s conversational skills. The weekly meetings will touch upon various aspects of everyday life and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. To prepare for class discussions, your homework will consist of a variety of tasks: reading short articles, listening to podcasts, viewing video clips or movie scenes, reading a short story, observing a painting, etc. to help you learn or review important language structures in a fun way and expand your vocabulary.
You will use the Spanish language and Spanish only!

If you know that this is the right level for you, please sign up! If you are not sure, let us help:
Please sign up to attend our Tertulia on Friday evening April 5th or get in touch by email.

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