Dates of upcoming program

There are no specific dates for the upcoming year. Please get in touch with us or check back later.

Program overview

Join us for this Caribbean experience on the French island of Martinique. This immersion program is the perfect getaway: you escape the Maine winter while participating in an active & enriching educational vacation. The key to the success of this immersion program is for you to live entirely “in French” no matter what your level of proficiency. A variety of activities will help you gain or improve your command of the French language and your experience will deepen your understanding of the French culture.


In brief: classroom activities — classroom often being the pool side, a nearby beach, or a bench in a local park — will alternate between individual projects, interviewing, traveling, and exploring the island. The evenings will be spent participating in the night life of the island, a perfect environment to continue your learning while enjoying French/Creole cuisine and entertainment.


In order to experience Martinique from within, the site of our lodging will be one of the many small bays so typical to the island. Located in the south of the island, our Hotel Residence — 300 yards from the nearest beach, is nestled atop one of the charming hills of Sainte Anne, a small fishing village which became famous for its nearby white sand beaches. In spite of its beauty, this is not all that Sainte Anne has to offer: it is an active little town offering a daily outdoor market, fishermen coming back to shore twice a day, shopping opportunities, lectures and dances in nearby schools and cultural centers. Each participant shares a studio with another student. Studios are equipped with a kitchenette which will enable you to do your own cooking and participate in “la vie en Martinique.” You will also be able to indulge in one of the delightful restaurants which are abundant all over the island. The Hotel Residence offers a swimming pool located in its lovely gardens, which often becomes the meeting place for our evening social times.


Air and ground transportation to and from the Residence is your responsibility. However, we will provide you with information on best buys and special rates, and we will also organize a taxi pick-up and drop-off for the first and last days of your stay. Once settled down, you’ll be able to do your shopping at stores and marketplaces within walking distance. For all organized tours and excursions, transportation will be our responsibility.

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