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Early bird

8 Thursdays, 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Book: varied materials available through the instructor or online
Location: Taught online via Zoom. An invitation and explanations on how to join the meeting will be sent to registered students.
Instructor: Nina Garces Ornstein
Price: $130 (early registration) $145 (after 04/18)
Dates: 05/06 – 06/24

Designed using the model of our “Café y Medialunas” (Desayunos en español), these “Prácticas Conversacionales” are for low intermediate through Intermediate students who want to practice Spanish in a relaxed setting outside of a traditional class format all the while being corrected by a Spanish instructor. What better way to unwind at lunchtime (bring your lunch if you feel like it)!
These gatherings are not as structured as our typical group classes and resemble more social gatherings. They do not require a lot of “homework,” but participants are asked to think about a particular topic to prepare for the day’s discussion.
The least advanced speakers have to be willing to not always understand all the nuances of what is being said and to stick to Spanish as they ask for clarifications or explanations, and the more advanced speakers have to embrace the challenges of finding alternate ways to convey their point to help clarify or explain what they previously said. Everyone will benefit from these conversation practice sessions.

While little preparation will be required, please keep in mind that the success of these “Prácticas Conversacionales” lies on everyone being able to engage at his or her level and preparation might be key.

This class can be taken in combination with another more traditionally structured class or on its own.

If you know that this is the right level for you, please sign up!

If you are not sure, let us help and evaluate if it is. Sign up to attend our Free Practice & Evaluate session of 04/15. And if you are unable to attend to attend, please get in touch by email or sign up for an online informational meeting on April 15th.

$145.00 $130.00

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