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5 Tuesdays – 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Material: Material available through the instructor or online
Location: Taught online via Zoom. An invitation and explanations on how to join the meeting will be sent to registered students.
Instructor: Viveca Kwan
Price: $85 (early registration) $95 (after 1/17)
Dates: 02/01 – 03/01

Have you ever been to a Chinese restaurant with friends for Dim sum or tried to order an evening meal from the restaurant’s takeout menu? Do you remember feeling completely overwhelmed by the number of dishes available and the succinct nature of each dish’s description? You are not alone!

While it is great to know there will be “chicken and vegetables” on your plate when the dish arrives, wouldn’t it be nice to know a bit more about it? Will your chicken and vegetables be fried, boiled, steamed, covered with a heavy sauce, no sauce at all? Is the dish you’re about to order traditionally eaten in Taiwan or mainland China or… is it adapted to suit Westerners’ taste buds? Is the famed General Tsao’s chicken an authentic Chinese dish? How did the name Mapo doufu (“pockmarked old woman doufu”) come about?

This short class will help you untangle the many threads that run through a Chinese restaurant menu from simple character recognition to the history and making of popular regional dishes and the secrets behind their names. You will also learn simple dialogues about ordering food, in Chinese!

Unlike most of our courses, this cultural exploration will be taught in English and assumes no knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, nor a strong desire to learn to speak Mandarin Chinese. A simple curiosity in the language will suffice!

If you know that this is the right level for you, please sign up!

If you need assistance to determine if this class is right for you, we would be happy to help.
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