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10 Tuesdays, 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Book: Grammaire progressive du français, Niveau intermédiaire, 4e édition by Maïa Grégoire and Odile Thiévenaz ISBN: 978 209 038103 0
Location: Taught online via Zoom. An invitation to join the meeting will be sent to registered students.
Instructor: Camille Vande Berg
Price: $162 (early registration) $180 (after 1/17)
Dates: 01/26 – 03/30
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Que feriez-vous si vous ne pouviez pas être vacciné avant l’été prochain ? Faudrait-il continuer nos cours en ligne à supposer que ce soit le cas?
En admettant que vous ne puissiez pas voyager en juillet… comment passeriez-vous vos prochaines vacances ?
Oh là là… que d’incertitudes et que d’hypothèses à formuler!

It is quite likely that to answer any of these questions you will start with “if” or “au cas où” or “dans l’hypothèse où” and quickly realize that you are about to give your brain a strenuous workout! These “hypothèses” – sentences expressing condition – require you to bring back tenses you thought you could store in a corner of your brain while dust accumulated on them. Not so!

Get the duster out, review, and practice with us!

This course offers a thorough review of the structures, tenses, and linking words (conjunctions) used when forming “des hypothèses”. In addition to grammar review, we will spend ample time practicing through conversation activities.
The course is of course taught entirely in French.

We will leave you with a little scenario to get the squeaky wheels to turn:

“Vous vous promenez tranquillement dans les rues de Portland, votre masque sur le visage. Une cartomancienne vous aborde et insiste pour vous lire la bonne aventure. Que feriez-vous si vous vous trouviez dans cette situation et pourquoi? »

If you need assistance to determine if this class is right for you, we would be happy to help.
Please attend a Free Demonstration class on January 12th and/or Sign up to attend our online informational meeting on January 14th. It’s FREE!
And if you can’t, please get in touch!

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