Happy New Year! Woohoo! Our 30th Year of Teaching in Portland!

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A Special « Cinq à “Sept” (not really 7) » to wish you a Happy New Year and start 2022 on the right track!

When: Thursday, January 6, 2021 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Where: on Zoom. Link to join will be sent to registered participants
Price: Free
Language of the evening: will depend on who attends! French and English are usually very well represented!
RSVP by January 4, 2022 so that we have time to get organized and send you a link to join!

We normally celebrate the beginning of the year adopting the French tradition of the galette des rois, this wonderful golden pastry made of puff pastry dough sandwiching a rich frangipane filling hiding a bean, a plastic or porcelain trinket, called une fève, and dressed with a paper crown while awaiting for its king or queen of the day. Every year, we turn to Standard Baking Co. to provide this delicious pièce de resistance as we gather, Champagne in hand, to wish one another a Happy New Year.

This year — as was last year — is a bit different…

As we continue to limit gatherings to small numbers of close relatives or friends, we will ring in the year from the comfort of our homes asking our old pal Zoom to host the festivities.

Champagne on hand — or whatever drink you might prefer — and finest apparel on, we will share a moment with our community, discuss our resolutions or hopes for 2022, and whatever else presents itself.

Please sign up below to join us in early January!

Happy New Year!
We wish you a healthy, happy or just plain “normal” 2022!!!

And for a little video of our last “real” gathering (2019): click on this link.


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