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8 Mondays, 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. 

Book: Non ti muovere by Margaret Mazzantini ISBN: 978-8804489474
Location: Taught online via Zoom until we are able to resume on-site teaching… An invitation and explanations on how to join the meeting will be sent to registered students.
Instructor: Enrico Della Pietra
Price: $135 (early registration) $150 (After 4/17)
Dates: 05/04 – 06/29 (No class on Memorial Day, 5/25)
Need more information? Attend our Virtual Open House on April 17th. It’s FREE!

Un Club di lettura in videoconferenza, ai tempi del coronavirus! What a program!

You have been studying Italian for some time and are getting quite comfortable carrying on conversations on a large variety of topics but perhaps you are ready for something a bit more challenging to continue to improve your vocabulary and solidify your knowledge of Italian grammar – not to mention insight into Italian culture? Reading a book has not yet been part of your toolbox as both the task itself – not understanding everything, having to look up too many words — seems a bit daunting and the actual selection of a book, a discouraging process! But if someone chooses the book for you and holds your hand throughout the process by allowing you to tackle it in small digestible bites that you get to discuss once a week… you may be in for a pleasant and highly rewarding experience that will contribute to boost your confidence!
So if you are ready to move into the realm of unabridged literature, let the adventure begin!

You will be asked to read a certain number of pages every week at home and once a week, you will “videomeet” with your classmates and instructor for an hour of discussion, clarifications, explanations, etc. — in Italian of course!

If you need assistance to determine if this class is right for you, we would be happy to help. Please SIGN UP TO ATTEND OUR VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE on April 17th. It’s FREE!

Summary of Non ti muovere

Called to the hospital when his fifteen-year-old daughter, Angela, is injured in a potentially fatal accident, a prominent surgeon sits and waits, silently confessing the affair he had the year Angela was born. As Timoteo’s tale begins, he’s driving to the beach house where his beautiful, accomplished wife, Elsa, is waiting. Car trouble forces him to make a detour into a dingy suburb, where he meets Italia–unattractive, unpolished, working-class–who awakens a part of him he scarcely recognizes. Disenchanted with his stable life, he seizes the chance to act without consequences, and their savage first encounter spirals into an inexplicable obsession. Returning again and again to Italia’s dim hovel, he finds himself faced with a choice: a life of passion with Italia, or a life of comfort and predictability with Elsa. As Angela’s life hangs in the balance, Timoteo’s own life flashes before his eyes, this time seen through the lens of the one time he truly lived.

From Mazzantini’s website:

Una giornata di pioggia e di uccelli che sporcano le strade, una ragazza di quindici anni che scivola e cade dal motorino. Una corsa in ambulanza verso l’ospedale. Lo stesso dove il padre lavora come chirurgo. È lui che racconta in presa diretta l’accerchiamento terribile e minuzioso del destino.

Nell’attesa, gelata dal terrore di un evento estremo, in un salotto attiguo alla sala operatoria, Timoteo, che da anni sembra essersi accomodato nella sua quieta esistenza di stimato professionista, di tiepido marito di una brillante giornalista, di padre distratto di un’adolescente come tante, è di colpo messo a nudo, scorticato, costretto a raccontarsi una verità che gli restituisce un’immagine di sé straniata e violenta.

Parla a sua figlia, parla a se stesso nel silenzio che lo circonda. Rivela un segreto doloroso che sembrava sbiadito dal tempo. Con precisione chirurgica rivela gli scompensi della sua vita, del suo cuore, in un viaggio all’indietro nelle stazioni interiori di una passione amorosa che lo ha trascinato lontano dalla propria identità borghese, verso un altro se stesso disarmato e osceno.