Nina’s love for the French language and culture began early in childhood growing up with a French father and an American mother. She studied French at the University of Maine before continuing with her studies at the University of Toulouse-Mirail, subsequently living in Toulouse for six years. She traveled extensively throughout Western Europe and spent several years teaching English as a Foreign Language.

She has a special affinity for the food and culture of Southern France, and has spent a good deal of time in smaller cities and villages, immersing herself fully into the lifestyle.

She visits her favorite regions as often as possible to see friends and family, and familiarize herself with the latest colloquialisms, new literature and music.

Nina moved to Maine from New York City in the summer of 2009. Recently, she has discovered the joy of translation and interpretation and has worked as an interpreter on several film shoots in New York City. She is currently enrolled in the translation certification program at New York University.