Lilit Danielyan was born in Armenia. Her family moved to Kazakhstan shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Her parents instilled the love of Armenian culture in their family while their children were studying Russian and Kazakh in school. Lilit discovered her interest in languages at a very young age. She learned English while dreaming of traveling the world… someday.

Lilit studied International Relations at the Karaganda State University in Kazakhstan. Her knowledge of three languages afforded her the opportunity to work as an interpreter for journalists at the OSCE Summit in the capital of Kazakhstan and Astana Economic Forum during her years as a student. It is around the same time that she discovered the amount of opportunities the knowledge of foreign languages could give a person. She also then began teaching English as a foreign language.

Lilit moved to the United States in 2012. She fell in love with New England landscapes, and hasn’t left the area since. While becoming fluent in English, she quickly realized the importance of having had extensive training in her native languages, Russian and Armenian, and as a result she began teaching Russian in private settings.

Besides her interests in foreign languages and cultures, Lilit is also fond of photography, cinematography, literature, music, history, and psychology.

Lilit is joining our faculty this fall (2018) and is very excited to be able to share her extensive knowledge of Russian language and culture with our community. She believes that dedication and inspiration are key elements to successful learning.