Kifah was born in Baghdad, Iraq and attended the College of Science there in the 80’s from which he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology. His journey has then taken him from Iraq to Jordan, to the Netherlands and currently to Portland, Maine. Kifah is a visual artist, poet, activist, P.O.W., exile, and teacher. He has taught, painted, and written poetry mining his life experiences and yielding work with humanitarian and universal themes of love, freedom, hope, and peace.

Since 1997, Kifah has taught science and Arabic in the Netherlands and Jordan and more recently in Portland, he has taught Arabic to non-Arabic speakers in both its classic, academic form as well as its dialect forms, instilling in his students a sense of appreciation and greater curiosity for the cultures this unique language embodies. He is a natural teacher who loves to further share his talent by volunteering at The Telling Room.

We are pleased to welcome him to The Language Exchange where we offered Modern Standard Arabic for the first time in the winter of 2015.