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When in... Rio do as the Cariocas do! Survive on your own during your next trip to Brazil. This level is designed for students who have never studied Brazilian Portuguese or studied it “decades” ago and can hardly remember anything.  


Social protocols are often misunderstood by tourists and get in the way of that perfect overseas experience. We will share many stories, resources, and cultural tips to assist you in preparing your up-coming travels and afford you the best possible experience. You will master the basics of the Portuguese language (pronunciation, sentence structure, verbs, etc.); learn ways to address people while respecting cultural etiquette and elicit the best possible response (greetings, interjections, etc.); find out how to order your cup of coffee; navigate public transportation, taxis, train, road systems like a pro; and arrange your own entertainment and cultural visits like a native! A highly interactive and fun class! 

Map of the Portuguese-speaking world (European and Brazilian)


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Beginning 1 - Introduction to Portuguese

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