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Local Programs >> French >> Conversation Class - Lecture des Premiers Temps - Intermediate - Morning

6 Fridays, 9:15 am - 10:15 am  

Livre: La tresse  de Laetitia Colombani ISBN:2253906565
Note: you may receive your books faster if you order them from Albertine in NYC or Scheonhof's Foreign Books in Boston. For details, click here.
nstructor: Andy MacDonald
Price: $100 (early registration) $110 (after the open house) 
Dates: 05/03 - 06/14 (no class on 5/17)

You have been studying French for some time and are getting quite comfortable carrying on conversations on a large variety of topics but perhaps you are ready for something a bit more challenging to continue to improve your vocabulary and solidify your knowledge of French grammar – not to mention insight into the French culture and history? Reading a book has not yet been part of your toolbox as both the task itself – not understanding everything, having to look up too many words -- seems a bit daunting and the actual selection of a book, a discouraging process! But if someone chooses the book for you and holds your hand throughout the process by allowing you to tackle it in small digestible bites that you get to discuss once a week… you may be in for a pleasant and highly rewarding experience that will contribute to boost your confidence!
So if you are ready to move into the realm of unabridged literature, let the adventure begin!

You will be asked to read up to 30 pages at home between classes and once a week, you will meet with your classmates and instructor for an hour of discussion, clarifications, explanations, etc. -- in French of course!

Résumé de La tresse 
Source : Editions Grasset, 2017 

Trois femmes, trois vies, trois continents. Une même soif de liberté.
Inde. Smita est une Intouchable. Elle rêve de voir sa fille échapper à sa condition misérable et entrer à l’école.
Sicile. Giulia travaille dans l’atelier de son père. Lorsqu’il est victime d’un accident, elle découvre que l’entreprise familiale est ruinée.
Canada. Sarah, avocate réputée, va être promue à la tête de son cabinet quand elle apprend qu’elle est gravement malade.
Liées sans le savoir par ce qu’elles ont de plus intime et de plus singulier, Smita, Giulia et Sarah refusent le sort qui leur est destiné et décident de se battre. Vibrantes d’humanité, leurs histoires tissent une tresse d’espoir et de solidarité

Répartition de la lecture:

03/05 - Lire les chapitres Smila, Giulia, Sarah
10/05 - En continuant, lire les prochains chapitres Smila, Giulia, Sarah 
17/05 - PAS DE CLASSE - vous avez deux semaines pour lire!
24/05 - 
En continuant, lire les prochains chapitres Smila, Giulia, Sarah, Smila, Giulia, Sarah
31/05 - En continuant, lire les prochains chapitres Smila, Giulia, Sarah
07/06 - En continuant, lire les prochains chapitres Smila, Giulia, Sarah
14/06 - Lire la fin du livre (un peu plus que d'habitude)


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