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5 Thursdays, 7:45 - 8:45 a.m. - Morning class, no meter to feed! 

Book: none
Marlies Reppenhagen
$50 (early registration) $60 (after 06/22)
Dates: 07/26 - 08/23 

Your weekly breakfast in German... These gatherings are for faux-beginning through advanced students who want to practice German in a relaxed setting outside of class all the while being corrected by a German instructor. What better way to start the day and remain involved with the German language throughout the summer! These gatherings are not as structured as our typical group classes and ressemble more social gatherings. They do not require homework per se but you may be asked to think about a particular topic to prepare for the day's discussion...
Feel free to bring your coffee, breakfast food or an item to share to make it more convivial (But please remember our carry in, carry out policy on your way out. Thank you). What do Germans, Swiss Germans, Austrians have for breakfast? This could be the first topic of conversation...


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