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Local Programs >> Italian >> Faux-Beginner Italian - Evening Class

9 Thursdays, 7:10 - 8:40 pm

Italian Demystified with CD by Marcel Danesi - ISBN:978-0071756013 + other materials
Enrico Della Pietra
$220 (early registration) $245 (After the Open House) 
 05/02 - 06/27  

Whether you want to add new credentials to your CV or love art, design, opera, and food, learning the Italian language that some refer to as the most melodic language in the world, will prove to be a lifetime experience sure to enrich your journey. And if the old saying is true and all roads lead to Rome, it is time you got started!

This class is the appropriate level for students who began their studies of the Italian language just a few months ago: they have covered the basics and while they feel confident that they can travel on their own and will be able to ask for help from Italian native speakers, their knowledge of spoken Italian is very limited and doesn't go far beyond the skills required to travel (conversations involving menus, transportation, directions, hotels, museums, etc.) and so is their experience of Italian culture. They want to continue to build their communication skills.

This class is also designed for false beginners, students who are not complete beginners because they did take classes in the past -- distant or not-so-distant -- but they have forgotten so much that they need a serious "review". 

The general objectives of the course wil be to boost your oral communication skills while giving you the opportunity to further your knowledge of Italian language and culture. 

If you need assistance to determine if this class is right for you, we would be happy to help. Please get in touch so that we may assist you in determining if this class will suit your needs.  

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