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The Maine Jewish Film Festival will be held from March 12 to March 19, 2016. As this year's selection includes several movies in French, we decided to organize our monthly gathering around one of them.
If you choose to join us at the school to participate in the "tea and discussion" after to movie, please make sure to read this entire page.
And in any case make sure you check out 
this year's festival's great selection!

Upcoming movie and Tea & Discussion - a two-part afternoon: 

Part 1 

When: Sunday March 13th, 2016 at 1:00 pm
The Movie: 
Les héritiers (English title: Once in a Lifetime) (2014) - part of the Maine Jewish Film Festival
D'après une histoire vraie. Au Lycée Léon Blum de Créteil (ville de la banlieue sud-est de Paris), une prof décide de faire passer un concours national d'Histoire à sa classe de seconde la plus faible. Par ce biais, les élèves font alors une rencontre qui va les transformer.
For the Maine Jewish Film Festival, Melinda Molin’s synopsis:
A no-nonsense history teacher at a rough high school on the outskirts of Paris is determined to give her underprivileged pupils the best possible education. She proposes a unique assignment to her multi-cultural class: a national competition on the theme of “Children Under the Nazi Regime.” These troubled, rebellious teens resist the project, challenging its relevance to their lives. A surprise classroom visitor inspires them to re-examine their attitudes. Winning the competition is a long shot, but working together the students begin to see each other—and themselves—in a whole new light. Based on a true story.
Where: Hannaford Hall/USM - 96 Falmouth St, Portland
Please purchase your tickets through the Maine Jewish Film Festival here.

Part 2 

When: Sunday March 13th, 2016 at 3:30 pm 
What: Teatime & Discussion - in French or English depending on attendance
Where: The Language Exchange, 80 Exchange Street - Portland 
Cost: $10/person - Payable at the door (cash or checks) to help us with our expenses and feed our scholarship fund

Moderator: Valerie Guillet 

Please note that we ask you to RSVP for the "Tea & Discussion" part of the afternoon by March 5. We need to have a minimum number of participants to hold the event. Please email us to do so at info@immersionprograms.com. 


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On se fait une toile?

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